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About me

I have become inspired to make a photographs an important part of our lives and make a record of significant  and some less so, events in our lives.

I recently found myself looking through old family photographs to put together an album for my parents for their diamond wedding anniversary. It then struck me that these opportunities are less likely to be there for future generations and made me realise just how important printed portrait and wedding photographs are. 

Whilst digital images have been wonderful in making us able to record significant and sometimes embarrassing events in our life, will they be as enduring as as the prints of yesteryear. I recently lost my mobile phone which had stored on it a number of images taken on 'the fly'. Despite mybelief these had been backed up, they are now lost to me for ever. I compare that to a box full of old family 'snaps' going back several generations, and still readily accessible even without remebering a password!
This confirmed my view of how important these printed photographs. Not just for us here and now but for generations to come, who was this, where was this taken? A social history that remains available to all even once the hard drive has failed, the technology to open the files is no longer available and the cloud has turned into a storm, your personal enduring images can be recovered from a box in the loft or a drawer in the sideboard.

So if you are living in Sussex come on, get those images properly recorded by someone who cares, not just for you but your future generations.

I look forward to hearing from you.