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Lifestyle Photography

What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography taking photographs of you or your family in your surroundings rather than plain or textured backgrounds used in a studio. There are no restrictions to this style of of photography, whether it be in your own home or local park or even the beach (weather permitting obviously!) Lifestyle is capturing family photography informaly and with lots and lots of fun!

The background can be anything you like, from the Beach or the Downs on a sunny afternoon, your garden or living room, it doesn’t matter. Whatmatters is that you are all relaxed, forget about the camera and have fun together. 

Prices for Lifestyle sessions.

For lifestyle family photography  we charge £60 for a session. After the session, you will be invited to view your family photography.You will be guided through all options available, making sure you leave with something that will look great on your wall or side table.

Looking for a present for someone? We offer lifestyle photography session vouchers too! Now you can share the love!

To book your session, or for more information, please get in touch.

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